Great pairings aren’t just for fine wine. After any holiday meal, there is always room for pie and coffee!

These Caruso’s Coffee blends pair best with your favorite Thanksgiving Day desserts:

Pair Pumpkin Pie with the Erie Island Fireside Holiday Blend. To let the sweetness and spices in pumpkin pie speak for itself, you’ll want to bring a dark roast into the mix. With the Fireside Holiday blend you are adding a more smoky, earthy taste and when you pair the two together you add yet another element of flavor.

Pair Apple Pie with the Erie Island Jamaican Me Crazy Blend. The best way to eat apple pie is with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top! The ideal coffee pairing has to be this light roast coffee with vanilla caramel, and coffee liquor added to bring out that sweetness everyone loves.

Pair Cherry Pie with Zack’s Brews Dynomite Blend. With a pie like cherry, you’ll want to add some balance. Zack’s Brews Dynomite Blend, a combination of Sumatran, Peruvian, and Guatemalan beans, is perfect to pair with fruity and tart desserts.

Pair Pecan Pie with the Erie Island Morning Launch Blend. The richness of pecan pie pairs best with a coffee blend made from beans from African and Latin American countries because of their clean finish. The Erie Island Morning Launch Blend is a perfect pair with its refreshing floral and citrus aftertaste.