How to Pair Coffee with your Favorite Breakfast Food

Who doesn't love breakfast? Coffee is a signature beverage when it comes to waking up in the morning. In fact, 65% of adults in the United States drink coffee with their breakfast.* What is the perfect coffee to pair with your morning meal though? We'll tell you!

If you have a sweet tooth, then you'll want a rich coffee blend with chocolate undertones. If you go for more hearty, savory breakfast foods, we recommend a fuller body blend with subtle citrus tones.

When it comes to Caruso's Coffee blends, we have the perfect pair for when you're craving something a little more sweet in the morning:

For the hearty breakfast lovers, we have coffee blended with beans from Africa and South America to start your morning off right:

  • Whether you're eating an omelette or enjoying your eggs scrambled, the Zack's Brews Dynomite Blend has robust flavors that make it an excellent pair for egg dishes.
  • Last, but not least is the filling biscuits and gravy. This breakfast classic needs a coffee like the Erie Island Craftsman Blend to bring out the richness in the gravy.

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