5 Valentine's Day Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Valentine's Day is right around the corner!

Do you know what your plans are yet? 

Caruso's Coffee has a few ideas in case you're scrambling to find something last minute, want to drop a hint to your significant other, or your friends are trying to plan a Galentine's Day. Enjoy your Valentine's Day the caffeinated way.
Visit a local coffee shop
 This is a classic date option that never goes out of style. Erie Island coffee shops are all around the Cleveland area. Stop by a location nearest to you or visit one you've never been to before to have the perfect coffee date.

Coffee Blend Bouquet
If your loved one is obsessed with coffee and seems to go through it like crazy, stock up on his/her favorite coffees and bundle them into a "coffee blend bouquet". Find a nice basket, lay 2 or even 5 bags or boxes of coffee inside, maybe even throw in some coffee-flavored chocolate, tie it up with a pink or red bow and you've got a Valentine's Day gift.

Try making your own latte art
Who doesn't love latte art? You'll have a blast in the comfort of your own home. Brew your own cup o' joe at home and try following along to a latte art video online or check out if there are any local classes!

Blind Coffee Taste Testing
Are you and your significant other self-proclaimed coffee connoisseurs? Put it to a test with some fun competition. Pick from an assortment of coffee blends and with each cup of coffee, do a blind taste test to see who can identify the most coffee blends solely on taste.

Caruso's Coffee Bundle
Do you find he/she is always heading over to Erie Island Coffee shops or ordering his/her favorite coffees from Caruso's? Buy your special someone one of the many Caruso's Coffee bundles! Equipped with coffee, travel mugs, apparel, and more you can find a bundle that fits them perfectly!