3 Tips for Making the Switch to Black Coffee

Many people take their coffee with sugar, cream, or syrup. While that’s a completely acceptable way to drink your daily coffee, sometimes you’re in a hurry or want to switch things up and drink it black.

Black coffee isn’t for everyone, though, and some people enjoy that added level of sweetness to their cup of joe. Still, we want to give you three tips to show you how you can make the switch to black coffee and enjoy it:

Tip #1: Change you Brewing Method
How are you brewing your coffee? Different brewing styles bring out different notes in your coffee. Pourover brewing tends to bring out a cleaner and brighter taste where immersion brewing like your typical coffee pot or french press gives a more robust, bolder brew.

Tip #2: Try Different Coffee Beans
One key difference is the types of coffee beans you are using. Caruso’s Coffee has a wide range of ground and whole coffee beans with varying flavors. With coffee beans from all over the world, go for a bolder, fuller-bodied blend or try a flavored coffee to add subtle sweet notes.

Tip #3: Add Water After you Brew
Want to know a secret tip? Make your coffee an Americano and diffuse the bitterness in coffee by adding a little extra water after it’s done brewing. The extra splash of water won’t affect the flavor, but it will eliminate any excess bitterness that comes with strong coffee.